Can Big Companies Innovate Fast Enough?

Is Bigger Better? Attending some startup events over the last few weeks got me thinking…small companies can move quickly, can big companies do the same? It might appear big companies have a size and resource advantage over smaller companies. The one thing they don’t have is a sense of desperation or urgency that many small […]

What Did I Learn At The TAG Tech Summit and ATDC Startup Showcase?

(Wow, that is a healthy headline) I went to both of these great events this week and really enjoyed myself. They both were well-run and well attended events. I was very privileged and excited to attend both, they did not disappoint. As I was listening to the speakers and presentations, I was impressed with what […]

Great Products: Generate Emotion

Humans Are Grounded In Emotion Products can do many different things for many different people. Just look at all of the products out there in the world today and you will see how many different needs exist. These needs all exist because everyone is different but yet bound together by certain underlying emotional needs. I […]

Why Is Product-Market Fit Most Important?

Everyday, you hear more and more about startups and companies launching new products and services. These companies are creating solutions for a wide variety of needs. Some of the solutions sound very far-fetched while others sound like they maybe have found something. The key to making these new launches work is achieving a strong product-market […]

Why Is Transparency King?

Everyone Wants Transparency Quick…name something in business that everyone wants. It makes your company execute better, it keeps employees engaged and around longer and it brings your teams closer together…know what I’m talking about? It’s transparency. It’s ‘showing your cards’ to those you value. It’s bringing people into the dance as opposed to being left […]

The Innovation Race: Transformative vs. Competitive Advantage

What Kind Of Race Do You Want To Run? All companies say they need to innovate. Many companies actually commit time and resources to innovation. Fewer companies follow through and built and test innovative ideas. The question is, why is it like this? Why do companies struggle with understanding and investing in innovation? I believe that organizations don’t […]